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Bentley Car Competitions

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We have all the very best competitions to win a car online including a Bentley. Win a Bentley car today in an online car competition. Win a Bentley Continental GT this month.

Best Of The BestBest Of The Best -

Best of the Best has been established for over 6 years and has outlets at London Heathrow Terminal 3 and Terminal 4, London Gatwick North Terminal and South Terminal, London Stansted, London Luton, Manchester Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and Glasgow Airport. We have now had over 150 winners who have received over 7million worth of prizes. Tickets are also available on this website. Win a Bentley Continental GT today.


Bentley Car Competitions

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Review Of The Bentley Continental GT
Bentley is five years the junior of Aston Martin but the companies are every bit equals. There are many distinguishing features between the cars these two giants produce, but one thing unites them - they are all truly remarkable. Every car that rolls from the Bentley factory in Crewe bristles with prestige, performance specs and beauty.

As one would expect the marque has a stunning racing heritage; Bentley took Le Mans honours in 1924, '27, '28 '29 and '30. 1952 saw the real shift from race-car to road-car with the development of the R-Type. 1998 saw Bentley reinvent itself with the hugely successful launch of the Arnage. Bentley's 2001 return to Le Mans also brought deserved success with the team finishing 3rd. Bentley will forever be a name that conjures images of beauty and excellence, and the GT is a spectacular example of both.

There is no getting away from the fact that the Continental is a big car, in both size and weight. By rights it should be slow as hell and handle like an old Skoda, but instead it is nimble, responsive and so very very fast. There are no compromises in its statistics; 0 - 60mph in 4.7seconds exquisitely prefaces the blistering 198 mph top speed (the fastest in our competitions). If ever a car defined 'super' then this surely is it. Weighing a hefty 2.8 tons fully fuelled it responds and handles like a much leaner model. The 16" front brakes are bigger than any disc ever fitted to a road car - so it stops on a sixpence even from the top end of its impressive 198mph. This distinguished Supercar is almost too good; comfortable, quiet and powerful it will sneak you up to the edge of 200mph. just remember to keep checking your dials!

Surely only the British could have built this: powerful, uncompromisingly fast yet a real "gentleman's" car. Unlike the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the word this Supercar is full of all the more opulent luxuries that are missing in others. Sink into the driver's seat and there is a distinct feeling that you are sinking into your favourite chair in the sitting room - even long road trips are a real pleasure. The interior is detailed down to the colour of the stitching; it is, dare I say it, perfect. The sublime ergonomic layout of the cockpit delivers a wonderful driving experience, while everything from the leather finishes to the wood dash are masterfully crafted. The stately design of the exterior deceptively hides the power and performance beneath - the car is anything but genteel! The Continental combines true beauty with comfort and performance and is, as ever, most welcome in our competitions.

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